Outdoor Toys for Toddlers – Fun and Healthy Options

Most parents today know the importance of outdoor play and to this end would like to know the kind of outdoor toys for toddlers to invest in early on, so that their child cultivates the habit of outdoor play.

Outdoor play is important because it will involve healthy physical activity, exposure to fresh air and may also teach a child the important socializing factor of how to play with others. Here are some ideas for outdoor toys for toddlers as well as older and younger children-

Outdoor play toys

Outdoor Toys for ToddlersYou can start kids off early, on sports that become a lifelong passion. So consider outdoor toys for toddlers such as mini basketball hoop with a matching basketball for hours of outdoor fun for a toddler and his friends – some come with their own stand that can be adjusted to a kid’s height.

child golf set, any racquet sport in a junior size, or a junior baseball set with bat, ball and mitt can also be great options. Even a pogo stick is a fun idea once a child is old enough to balance on one.

Kiddie pools and water toys

Nothing spells summer fun as much as kiddie pools and water toys. Here as well, the options are literally limitless. Baby pools come in all sizes, shapes and colors. They are inflatable or the folding variety. Additionally they come equipped with slides, tunnels, and other accessories. If you have a pool already, you may want to think of pool toys such as floats, rafts, pool chairs, squirt guns, inflatable pool toys and balls, and also electrically operated pool toys.

Swings and gym sets

These are the quintessential outdoor toys for toddlers that keep them actively involved in hours of healthy fun. A swing set can be the sort that comes with its own stand while others will need to be suspended from a tree or similar garden fixture or they can be in a hammock style. Slides can be big or small depending upon the age of the child. Climbing implements, ring or trapeze toys are other fun options. A pretend lawnmower can help the toddler keep dad’s company as he mows the lawn.

Wind spinners and kites

Kites can be fascinating for little kids and encourage running and active play, which makes kites, wind spinners and spinning garden stakes and so on good outdoor toys for toddlers.

Play tents and tunnels

Tents are another source of endless fascination for kids – they have their own dolls’ home, or place to stash special things. Tents encourage play with other kids, and can be in fascinating shapes such as a castle (for a little princess), Thomas the tank engine (for the little boy obsessed with trains), and so on. Some tents come equipped with tunnels of you can buy a tunnel separately and both make wonderful toys.

Sand boxes and accessories

A sand box is another traditional choice of outdoor toys for toddlers. Accessories such as a wheelbarrow, the usual bucket and spade (the usual seaside set) and various other options can add to baby’s fun.


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