Most Popular Baby Strollers 2013

A stroller is a vehicle that transports your baby everywhere you go. Little surprise, that most people buying a stroller take as much pains to select a stroller as they would while selecting a car. Here is the list of the 10 most popular baby strollers for 2013:

1. 4moms Origami

4moms Origami

Enables with a power stroller the Origami collapses at the press of a button. This tech-enables stroller also comes with a sensor that locks when the baby is in the stroller and prevents from accidental operation of the button. It also comes with lights at the bottom of the vehicle to guide you in the dark. An LCD screen shows the speed of the stroller, distance walked, temperature and other conditions. And you can also charge your phone during the walk.

2. Orbit Baby Double Helix

Orbit Baby Double Helix

Orbit has come out with a new design in the double stroller section. The main attraction of this stroller is that the seats can be rotated to any configuration as per the user’s comfort. Among other features this stroller converts into a single stroller as well.

3. Quinny Yezz

Quinny Yezz

Quinny Yezz is one of the lightest strollers available today. It is so light that it can be carried on your back. It has great straps and a foldable frame that makes it ideal for those who like to take the baby along for outdoor activities.

4. Phil & Teds Double Stroller

Phil & Teds Double Stroller

Phil & Teds have designed this fabulous double stroller that can contain two convertible bassinets. It has additional features such as a 5-point harness, washable fabric and a large sunshade. What is more you can purchase it as a single unit and add the other one later.

5. Bugaboo Cameleon

Bugaboo Cameleon

This is a great city stroller with a trendy design. Some of the features include adjustable handlebar, and suspension system. This multipurpose vehicle converts into a newborn carriage, a toddler stroller, a car-seat stroller, carry cot or a beach walker too. With so many functions in tow, the Cameleon is worth the splurge.

6. Baby Jogger City Elite

Baby Jogger City Elite

This urban stroller is for the busy moms, who could use some help with their shopping. The stroller is light yet can carry children weighing as much as 75 pounds! What is more the basket below is roomy enough to carry all the items in your shopping cart. Despite its size, it can fold into a compact unit with the use of a single hand. And all this comes at a great price.

7. Britax B-Agile

Britax B-Agile

Another stroller for the busy mom, the B-Agile serves as a stroller cum shopping cart and folds flat in an instant. It is big on space and small on weight.

8. Mamas&Papas’ Urban Stroller

Mamas&Papas’ Urban Stroller

A good quality stroller, this Urban Stroller it comes with swivel wheels, extra shade, adjustable handle and a light weight frame. It is available in a range of colors for the trendy baby.

9. Maclaren Triumph

Maclaren Triumph

A tough yet light weight foldable stroller, Triumph is durable, good looking and very functional. We would call it a good quality, affordable stroller for savvy moms.

10. Baby Trend Double

Baby Trend Double

The Trend Double is ideal for those with 2 kids close to each other in age. While the older one sits upright; the younger one can relax in the front. The seating arrangements can also be changed as required. This can also be used with just one kid sitting behind with all the space in the front utilized for storage. All this is available at an amazing price. It is a bargain that most savvy parents would not want to miss.


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