Tips To Help Baby Become A Sound Sleeper

You have accomplished what seemed to be a huge task – you have fed, rocked, sung, cooed, baby to sleep; finally and want that he should stay asleep for several hours.

Either because you want to complete chores around the home, concentrate on the needs of older children, or simply grab some restful shut eye yourself, you want baby to sleep soundly.

sound sleeper babiesSome babies are naturally sound sleepers, and others seem to be really light sleepers, however you can help those light sleepers sleep more soundly and for longer durations.

Don’t Tiptoe Around Baby When He Is Sleeping

Let him get used to small noises, and the normal hum of household noise even when a sleep. So while you can tell the other children not to yell and shout and you could keep the noisy vacuuming for a little later, you shouldn’t be shushing everyone and everything around you. If baby gets used to sleeping in absolute silence, he may become even more sensitive to noise.

Swaddle or Use Sleep Positioners

Many babies feel warm and snug and secure when they are swaddled in a blanket. Others find that swaddling feels too restrictive and may wriggle out any which way, but may find that the support of sleep positioners or properly placed baby bolsters helps them feel secure and this may help them sleep better.

Play Music

Many parents find that the constant, soothing, low sound of music, particularly instrumental or classical music, helps children sleep more soundly. There is also the belief that the sound of music helps create new connections within the baby brain, making the child brighter and more intelligent, helping them learn faster and reach milestones earlier.

Let Baby Give You Cues

You may try everything within your power and finally get baby to sleep through sheer effort, but it is better to wait until baby is showing signs of nodding off himself. This will mean that he is tired and actually sleepy so that there are better chances of him staying asleep for longer and even falling asleep more easily.

White Noise

– Having a fan or similar appliance on while baby is sleeping offers a constant soothing noise to help baby remain asleep. Any steady sound without any sudden or loud cadences will help the baby sleep and get used to sleeping better even with some noise around. Or you can use white noise CDs that may have sounds of ocean surf, whale song, mother’s heart beat and spring flowers, and many others.


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