Help Your Baby Sleep with 5 Easy Remedies

Babies like every other activities need to learn to sleep properly too. If as an expected or new parent you think that they are preprogrammed to eat and sleep, then you are gravely mistaken. As parents you need to know even without being told that just like you would be required to assist and teach them how to walk and talk, you would also be required to assist and teach them how to sleep and eat properly.

Although for the most part infant sleep problems are harmless and temporary, sleeping well does not come naturally for a baby. As a new born your baby needs to develop both physical and psychological abilities to sleep for a long period, and settle or self sooth himself after suddenly waking up.

To help your baby get adjusted to a proper sleeping regime you need to identify the problems that may hinder their sleep in the first place. Once you have done so, you can gently but effectively solve many of these problems. Listed below are 5 typical infant sleep problems and the ways to manage them.

help your baby sleepTeething

Although it is a typical infant activity and is absolutely harmless it might prove painful and uncomfortable for the baby thus hindering nap times. Beware of your baby’s earliest signs of teething and use effective teething remedies.

A Common Cold

Babies are prone to mild cold with lightly congested or runny nose which in turn hinders sleep. Make sure to keep your baby comfortable and warm enough to avoid catching cold.

Wet Diaper

Make sure your baby’s diaper is dry enough before putting him/her to sleep. Overfull and wet diapers is the primary reason for sleep hindrance for babies.

Separation Anxiety

This is when your little one first starts to sleep in a different room or away from you. The fear of losing you is potent at this stage. Try and give a sense of security in your unique way to your baby to ensure a peaceful night.

Dreams, Nightmares and Night Terrors

You need to learn and recognize nightmares and night time terrors that your baby may go through. Only then would you be able to deal with them in your ways that would suit both you and your little one.

Remember that there are no hard and fast rules and regulations in a rule book to ensure your baby’s sleep. You learn and develop as you go. Parenting is all about learning it yourself. You should have your own formulae to handle your baby’s problems unless you require a complete professional help. No babies are same hence the treatments should be different too. These natural remedies can ensure that both you and your baby will have a good night’s sleep.


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