Best Tips for Planning a Baby Shower

In case you have to come up with ideas for a baby shower, for sure you will be looking for tips for planning a baby shower.

The main point in this case is to get creative and to add a personal touch to the event. This way you will be able to make the best of it and the new mom will be happy as well.

The invitations and the baby shower planning tips

It is a fun idea to make the invitations look like library cards. Get a vertical index card and write the details of the shower on the paper. In the end add the due date of the baby using a stamp. Then place the invitation into a coin envelope and you are already done with this stage.

Tips for Planning a Baby Shower

Simple bouquet

If you are looking for planning tips for baby shower, you don’t have to think about only the elaborate decorations. Consider getting an airy bunch of baby’s breath. You can find it at the majority of the florist shops and it is neutral and inexpensive so it works with just any theme.


Instead of gathering dozens of chairs in the room, the tips for planning a baby shower involve coming up with alternatives for traditional ideas. If there will be young guests, you could offer them ottomans and pillows to sit on. The opening of the gifts shouldn’t last for more than one hour.

Multifunctional decorations

In order to add to the baby shower a garden party feeling, think about the baby shower planning ideas that tell you to get pots of thyme and add to them popsicle sticks that will identify the herb. You can use these sticks to send a message and at the end of the shower you can offer the pots as shower favors.

Personalized favors

When it comes to the tips for planning a baby shower you should know that you can use just anything as party favors. For instance get blank matchboxes and add a personalized message to them. In the same time you can personalize the cocktail napkins too.


In case you are looking for ideas for planning a baby shower, think of candy as a decoration idea. For instance you may get Champagne glasses and fill them with candy.

There are a lot of tips for planning a baby shower that you could use but they should be suitable for your theme.


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