Organic Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby shower is a very special occasion in the life of a mother to be. On this special occasion one should gift something that is unique and special to convey their blessings and good wishes.

There are wide range of gifts that can be given on baby shower and one of the interesting gifting options can be something that is environmental friendly and organic. Some of the organic baby shower gift ideas are given below for your help.

Organic Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Organic Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Organic Whole Body Pillow

The last few months of expecting are crucial and deserve utmost attention for the baby carrier, the mother. The zone of comfort is needed more than ever and hence the whole body relaxing soft pillow becomes an essential necessity. Conditions of comfort rank at the number one place for both and therefore this is a great gifting option.

Organic Farmed Dry Fruits

Hormonal changes and strength for both the baby and the mom demands a rich diet to fulfill all the deficiencies. Dry fruits containing Iron, calcium and vitamins are much needed in order to maintain good health. Gifting dry fruits like dates, apricot, almonds, walnuts, figs prove to be an excellent cared gift on the occasion of baby shower.

Clothing Made of Organic Fibers

The body of the expectant mother radically changes within the period of nine months. From body hugging clothes to at-ease clothing to include the womb without stress there are many options available. Cotton and even woolen fibers are however organic but the colors added might not hold the rule. Gifting clothing with organic fibers and with vegetable dyes make for a good idea as it proves a skin friendly fabric.

A Diary with Organic Pages

Each moment of the baby is felt by the expectant mother and to record the moments and emotions during the period of pregnancy goes a big way. Words always stay green; on a future note, for both the parents and the child as it becomes moments of thrill to go through the notes and re-living the same.

A Bamboo or Cane Made Photo Frame

An organic photo frame will surely prove to be an excellent gift idea for a baby shower. One can put the pictures of the mother with the baby and other members of the family with the baby in the frame.

Besides these there are many other organic gifting options for the baby shower and one can make a choice as per their likings.


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