Ideas for Cakes for Baby Showers

It is common for baby showers to have cakes and you may be on a search to find ideas for cakes for baby showers. There are a lot of ideas that you could use but in the majority of the cases there is a bottle or a crib on the cake to remind people why they have gathered.

Pink cake

Ideas for Cakes for Baby ShowersIn this case, the cake has bottles on the sides and on the top of it there is a crib. It comes with white, pink and green colors and it is vanilla flavored.

The icing is made of buttercream and the decorations are made of marshmallow fondant. The good thing is that you can have the cake decorated with anything you want.

Cake bottle

This is one of the best tips for baby shower cakes. The bottle on the top of the cake is edible and it is made of candy melts. Just as in the previous case, the cake is vanilla flavored and it is covered by marshmallow fondant. There should be a fondant bow made of fondant and gum paste.

Lavender cake

When looking for ideas for cakes for baby showers you may consider as flavors vanilla and butter cream while the filling might have a raspberry flavor. On the top of the cake there should be a large bow made of marshmallow fondant. The bad news is that the cake might turn out to be too pretty to eat.

Pregnant lady04

If you would like the baby shower cake tips to have a fun twist to them, consider adding a pregnant lady on the top of the cake. When it comes to flavors, think about chocolate and buttercream. However, you could think about raspberry flavor as well and don’t underestimate the power of the marshmallow fondant either.

Zoo cake

The interesting thing about this one of the ideas for cakes for baby showers is that the cake comes with the picture of elephants, lions, bears and tigers. It is a good idea to have the colors of the cake match the color scheme of the nursery. In this case, it is best to work with marshmallow fondant.

Carriage cake and advice on cakes for baby shower

The women searching for ideas for cakes for baby showers, consider adding a carriage on the top of the cake. It is a good idea to have the cake in a blue and brown color.


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