Some Ideas for Homemade Baby Shower Gifts

Anyone can go to a store and buy a gift, but the ones that are truly thoughtful and are most likely to be appreciated by expectant or new parents are homemade baby shower gifts since care, effort, time and love goes into these.

Not only are they more appreciated, for those among us who have to get by on tight budgets homemade baby shower gifts can also be an economical choice that will be valuable for the receiver without being expensive. Here are some ideas to help you along –

Knit something

homemade-baby-shower-giftsTraditionally, a hand kitted item would have to be among the most popular gifts for a new born or a baby who is soon to make an appearance. A wooly cap, some wool socks, or even a tiny baby sweater are a great idea.

And before you think that knitting is really not your scene, consider the fact that can be a simple and really rewarding thing to do once you’ve got the hang of it. It can be a lot simpler than say, stitching or making a dress.

And for its patterns, designs and so on, you can access limitless possibilities from the internet for the perfect homemade baby shower gifts.

A Keepsake box

This is the sort of thing that most school kids can make, but if you’re creating something as a baby shower gift, you could personalize it and make it baby themed. This can be somewhere for the mommy to keep baby’s keep sakes such as the first thing that baby ever wore – the first socks, the first cap and so on. Many parents like to keep baby’s first nail clippings, or some of the first hair locks to be cut.

Some parents also like to keep their baby’s first ever hand or foot print and keep all of this together for sentiments’ sake or to present to their child later in life.

Diaper cake

Now diapers can be a perennial favorite among gifts for new or expectant parents. If however you feel that diapers are a very prosaic gift and feel odd about giving such an unadorned and plain gift, you can create your own diaper cake. Toys pacifiers, socks, little booties or shoes, can be added to this creation of yours if you like, making this one of the most amusing and unique homemade baby shower gifts.

Do your own personalizing

If you are good with the embroidery needle you can personalize baby blankets with a monogram or create other colorful designs that will wow the mommy and keep the baby interested as well. Appliqué or patchwork is another decorative element that you can add to blankets, towels, baby wraps and a host of other items. Or you can get a set of plain onesies and then either monogram them or embroider 7 of them each one with one day of the week.

Create your own gift basket

This can be another one of simple to create homemade baby shower gifts. You can gather together baby toiletries and create a gift basket and then decorate in your own unique style, without having to pay for a pre-prepared one that may have a lot of useless stuff as well.


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