Best 5 Appetizing Baby Shower Menu Ideas

Baby showers are very special events as the close friends, family and relatives come to usher blessings and good wishes to the mother. Like any other party, this party too calls for a grand catering with delicacies and yummy treats to nibble on and take the complete fun of the games and party functions that are conducted simultaneously. Items in a baby shower menu should not be of main course or something for which you need a complete table set up.

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Usually snacks, salads, beverages, bakery delicacies, desserts and easy to cook and eat items are selected for the menu as the occasion is usually held during day time and is for maximum 2-3 hours duration. Some common pickups are turkey sliders, gingerbread cookies with icing, meats balls, salads of multiple variants, mini taco cups, yummy mock tails etc. Here are some brilliant baby shower menu ideas to choose from to make the event special and memorable –

1. Chèvre Quesadillas with Strawberry

This is a delightful menu choice for baby showers – spread out a thin line of creamy goat cheese on the plain tortillas then another layer of sliced strawberries and again one tortilla. The strawberry taste can be enhanced by adding few pinches of freshly ground black pepper and some shredded mint leaves. Now the final layer of goat cheese covered tortilla. Cut into pieces and serve hot!

2. Beef Tenderloin Sandwiches with Herb Mayonnaise

Beef sandwiches wrapped in compartments and twined with bakers yarn is served in a baking dish. This crisp, fresh and healthy dish has the yummy mayonnaise texture with its each bite and the goodness of herbs.

3. Lasagna

A forever favourite of ‘day parties’ lasagne is a popular item these days in baby showers as it’s easy to make and you just need to reheat it before serving. The perfect blend of macaroni, veggies and the sauce make it a real tempting item in the menu.

4. Green Salad with mixture of berries, nuts and feta

This is a loved item in baby shower menus as it contains all the healthy inputs that the expectant mom would also enjoy. Prepared in virgin olive oil, the mixture of this salad is made with all possible green veggies, like spinach, lettuces etc; then the caramel walnuts, feta and blackberries are added.

5. Asparagus Rolls

This is not only a lovely sight when the asparagus top peeks out of the roll, but a tasty item as well. You just have to remove the bread crusts and make the roll and flatten it with a wooden pin. Make sure you add a relishing sauce to the bread with mayonnaise, butter, ginger sprinkles, tomato pieces and black pepper.

Top the roll with a steamed asparagus piece, well cut and trimmed. Refrigerate till 3 hours but let it come to normal temperature while serving.

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