Baby Shower Activities Ideas

Organizing a baby shower isn’t as difficult as it may sound. However, it might be more difficult to find some activities to make sure that the participants won’t be bored. For this you will need some baby shower activities ideas.

Pacifier Games

For this game you will need straws and pacifiers. Have the guests separate into groups and standing in a line, facing their “opponents”. They should put a straw in their mouth and the first person puts a pacifier on their straw. The point is to transfer the pacifier to the last person without anyone using their hands.

Diaper Games

In case you are interested in activities ideas for a baby shower, one idea involves a life-size baby doll and diapers. Again, you will need to divide your guests into teams and each team gets a doll and diapers. The players will be blindfolded and they will have to take off the diaper of the doll and put on a new one.

Baby Shower Activities Ideas

Balloon Games

For another fun baby shower game, you will need a lot of balloons. Form two teams and give a balloon to each team member. The point is to blow up the balloon and then put it under their shirt. Once all the team members are done, they will have to pop the balloon. The first team to finish wins.

Baby Gear

There is another cute activity involving socks. You need 14 pairs of baby socks. Unpair them and put them on the floor. The point is for the players to match as many socks as they can in one minute. Or you can keep baby items inside bags and have guests guess what is in the bag without opening it.

Baby Food

To play this one of the baby shower activities ideas, you will need applesauce, garbage bags, blindfolds and baby spoons. Make teams of two. Put the garbage bag over the clothes of one of the team members and the other one will have to feed her while both of them are blindfolded. The first team that finishes the applesauce wins.

Onesie Theme

In case the guests are creative, you can use this idea for a baby shower. Get a simple white onesie and some markers and decorative paints. The point of the activity is to have all the guests draw something on the onesie that will remind the mother of this event and the baby can even wear them.


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