What Baby Products Do You Really Need?

Baby ProductsWhen you are about to have a baby, there are a thousand things out there, that clever marketers will try and convince you they are absolutely necessary for your baby.

Then again as expectant parents there are a lot of things that you may yourself find very tempting to buy.

But when you think about it, there is very little that you and your baby will actually and really need:

Personal Care: Baby soap, a baby shampoo and perhaps some baby talc will mostly do the job. If you are massaging your baby, some common or garden variety of olive oil will do the job as well as (or in some cases better than) the best and most expensive baby oils.

So really you can do without the baby creams and lotions that promise to be oh-so-gentle on baby’s skin. Also those adorable hooded towels, with the bunny ears that the baby is going to look so good in. Also a waste of money unless you are willing to form it over for the cuteness quotient!

Diaper Accessories: There are really a number of completely useless products[Funny baby products] out there which may sound really cute or useful, but which are not really! Who needs a diaper warmer or a diaper wipe warmer that can be plugged into the car cigarette lighter to be charged! A diaper genie is also usually a waste of money and space.

Most parents find that they don’t really need an actual changing table (though the product manufacturers will convince you that it is absolutely essential for the good of your back and to prevent injuries to the baby).

Then there is something called a pee-pee tepee that is supposed to prevent you from getting ‘sprayed’ while changing your baby. These are an expense that is best avoided unless one wants to use it as a gag gift!

Accessories that mommy can do without: Many women find that a regular pillow works as well as a fancy sounding nursing pillow. They also find that a regular bra will do the job as well as an expensive nursing bra, which many women actually find uncomfortable! Also the miraculous stretch mark cream you saw advertised that promises to ‘erase’ them for you.

That will be a waste of money as well. Stretch marks are little tears in the skin from stretching too much and too fast, and there is no cream that will remove them for you though they may make your skin feel better and perhaps help them fade a tad faster.


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