Why We Should Use Organic Baby Products?

In the last decade, the term ‘organic’ has become more than just a fad for many people. Hence, people nowadays are more likely to choose organic products, food, clothing, skin care etc., for their newborns. There are plenty of advantages of using such products and almost no side effects at all. Here is why you should use organic baby products:

organic baby products

Benefits of Organic Baby Products:

1. Organic Baby Food

  • Organic baby food is known to have lesser chemical contents than the food cultivated in the ‘traditional’ process, i.e., using chemical fertilizers, pesticides etc. Children are more susceptible to the effects of such chemicals that often reside in regular food. Therefore, many parents choose organic baby food for their infants.
  • Organic baby food is definitely a more environment friendly option for the conscious parents. Organic food cultivation protects, even increases the bio diversity along with an increase in soil biological activity, which prevents the soil from becoming barren within a short span of time.
  • It is often claimed that organic food contains more nutritional values than the ordinary food and it is tastier than the other food therefore it is easier to feed your kid.
  • Organic food does not contain GMO or genetically modified organism. Many studies are being conducted on the long term effects of GMO crops as it is a relatively newer concept.

2. Organic Baby Clothing

  • Your baby has a paler skin than you have (the thickness of the skin takes time to develop) and there is lesser amount of melanin in their skin, making them more susceptible to sunburn. Organic cotton is known to be toxin free therefore by using such material you can ensure that your child suffers less from various diseases caused by toxins. Moreover, if used in a proper way, these clothing last longer than the regular cotton clothing.

3. Organic Skin Care for the Baby

  • Since your baby has more sensitive and five time thinner skin than regular adults, it is more prudent to choose organic personal care products for them. These products help reduce chances of irritation and allergies among the infants. Further, organic products do not dry the skin, and babies remain more comfortable.

Evidently then, organic baby products are wiser choice not only for you and your baby, but also for the planet and the environment.


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