Ways To Get Free Stuff For Your New Born Baby

Babies can up your expenses in ways that you did not even imagine, it’s true, but with some judicious efforts, you can get a bunch of free stuff for your new born that you did not even know was available for free! Here are some ways to get freebie new born items:

  • Free formula can be obtained from a number of companies that want to make you a regular customer by first offering free samples and then a bunch of discount coupons or other promotional offers.
  • You can get free diaper samples as well. Each company may only offer a few at a time, but then you can obtain them from several different companies and websites.
  • Several other baby care products can also be obtained such as samples of baby shampoo, baby oil etc.

Many sites will ask for some minutes of your time to fill out a form or take a survey and ask for your name and address so the items can be shipped to you. One needs to be careful however, do offer details only to trusted sites.


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