Unique Baby Dolls For Your Baby

Most little babies love to play with baby dolls. Baby dolls are the favorite play dolls for all the children. Almost all of us remember having and playing with baby dolls when we were kids.

Choosing baby dolls is not as simple as getting a doll that is soft, cuddly and cute. Select baby dolls that simply pull at your heart strings.

Here are some of baby dolls which your child really likes:

Cloud b Sleep Sheep baby doll

Baby Dolls

This baby doll is designed especially for babies. Sleep sheep baby doll is the perfect night time companion to help soothe your baby as well as whole family to sleep in a safe, calming and effortless way.

A sound box is tucked safely inside of sleep sheep. It lulls your baby and you to sleep with soft sounds from nature and the reassuring sound of a mother’s heartbeat.

Sleep sheep’s soothing sounds are an audio pacifier that can calm even the fussiest babies to sleep. Sleep sheep is also ideal for traveling and in unfamiliar environments. You can check the product features at


Ribbon Rascals by Sassy

Baby Dolls

Sassy’s popular, new Ribbon Rascals encourage development of interaction by inspiring parent-child play. You can use the ribbon-covered critters to tickle baby’s stomach or toes and watch your infant’s enjoyment!

Repeating these interactive games will help baby learn and also teaches baby to anticipate the next “round”. Baby feels happy and comfortable when playing familiar games. Chewy fins and feet also invite teething! You can find this type of baby dolls at


My first sofa – cat

Baby Dolls

My first sofa, cat is the unique type of baby dolls. These baby dolls come in sherbet colors which are perfect for a little girl’s room. The base of this baby doll is slanted with beans and meets all safety standards.

It is a nice addition to the nursery before the baby sits up and lots of fun when she does so. This baby doll can be machine washable and dryable. You can find these type of baby dolls at


Baby Petite

Baby Dolls

Baby petite doll is one of the most beautiful baby dolls. It is a little soft bodied baby doll with light weight filling. It is easier to handle for your little princes. This is a traditional doll letting your child’s imagination run away with her as she give this doll all of her love.



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