Top 10 Baby Diaper Brands

People with little members in the family have one need in common – the friendly diaper. And every such family has its own experiences with diaper brands. In this article we have compiled a list of the  top 10 diaper brands for new parents to choose from.

1. Pampers


Pampers is a top brand which has many options in its diaper line. It is a premium brand known for its quality and reliability. Pampers Swaddlers are for the new born, while Cruisers are for the ready to walk babies. Similarly Baby Dry is a diaper line meant for overnight comfort. All these come in various pack sizes and baby sizes as well.

2. Huggies


Another well known brand in the diaper world is Huggies. Marketed by Kimberly-Clark, this brand sells a range of diapers such as Little Snugglers, Supreme Little Movers, Slip Ons and Overnights among many others. Their USP is the dry cover and gel based formula that soaks every bit of the liquid.

3. Seventh Generation


Seventh Generation is a brand known for its eco-friendly and natural products. Making diapers conform to this model was the ultimate challenge and Seventh Generation has achieved this through their latest line – Free and Clear. These diapers are lighter, thinner and high on environment consciousness.  They are efficient and also safer for your surroundings. However, all this comes at a premium cost.

4. Luvs Premium


Their latest addition Stretch has taken this national brand to a different level. The brand is best loved for its affordable quality. From newborns to training pants, Luvs has everything on offer. Though not as soft on the baby’s skin, they are definitely the best absorbing diapers available. They go well with normal skin types.

5. gDiapers


A brand dedicated to the environment, gDiapers is the first 100% biodegradable diapers available today. These are cloth diaper covers that come with degradable inserts. These inserts can be disposed in multiple ways- flushed, compsted or tossed. Either which way they are good for your baby and the planet as well. They come in a variety of cover patterns too.

6. FuzziBunz


FuzziBunz is a brand that has developed one-size-for-all concept though their cloth diapers. The trick is the contoured snaps that can be adjusted for any waist length. Moms can actually choose various levels of absorbency pads based on the need. This brand is for people who are environment conscious and have a baby with a sensitive skin.

7. Kirklands


This generic brand is available at a price tag much lower than their branded counterparts. These diapers are good with absorbing liquids and fit well too. If you are looking for a diaper that does a good job at a lesser price then Kirklands is the best option. Plus you land special offers on large pack sizes.

8. Earths Best


In addition to being eco-friendly these diapers are said to be rash-free. Though not entirely bio-degradable, the brand uses lesser chemical in its manufacture and absorption gels. Earths Best is a reliable product for babies with a sensitive skin.

9. bumGenius


Another cloth diaper brand developed on the same lines as FuzziBunz, but more efficient. bumGenius said to be the most preferred cloth diaper brand due to the ease of use and a clean, leak-proof fit that can keep the baby sleeping through the night.

10. Drypers


Manufactured by the Fitti line of diapers, the Drypers are available in the soft, dry and pantz varieties to suit various needs. They are leak proof, fit well and affordable too.


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