Suggestions to Buy Baby Bath Tubs

Bath time is one of the most special moments for a new mother; if you have a little one at home you would surely want the bathing time to be fun, hygienic and also safe at the same time. When it comes to buying a bath tub for your baby, you need to ponder over the following factors to make your purchase a wise one. The work is not that simple as there are many considerations to be made.

suggestions to buy baby bath tubs

Types of Baby Bathtubs

Know about these tubs so that you can get the right shape and size for your kid.

  • Standard tub – This is inexpensive one with a simple design, made of plastic.
  • Convertible tubs – These are designed for every stage of your baby. They have adjustable positions for every stage.
  • Foldable tubs – These are suitable for small spaces.
  • Inflatable tubs – These are also space savers and can be deflated when not in use.
  • Luxury tubs – These are the top-notch ones with bells and whistles.
  • Standing tubs – These can be raised to your height saving you the problem of stooping down.

 Bathtub Features to Look For

Temperature Gauge

Some tubs are equipped with indicators like temperature gauges or sticker like strip to tell you about the temperature of the water.

Smooth, Overhanging Rim

Tubs with smooth edges and an overhanging rim are comfortable for your baby as their skin will not get abraded.

Non Skid Surface

Non skid bathtubs prevent your slippery baby to injure himself. This type is thus suitable for your baby.

Water-Fill Line

Some bathtubs have raised line all along their inside rim to indicate the level to which the bathtub should be filled, to avoid spill over.

Drain Plug

Bath tubs provided with drains help in clearing water quickly.

Bathtub Buying Tips

The following suggestions will help you to make the right choice efficiently, saving both your energy and time.

  • Proper size is important. Too small will make your baby uncomfortable while big ones have the risk of drowning your baby. Thus selecting the right size is crucial.
  • Consider the cleaning process, bath tubs which are easy to clean are the best bet.
  • Second-hand tubs should be avoided, do not go for second hand bath tubs. Many of them are furnished with used suction cups which are not dependable. These bath tubs do not meet up to the standard of CPSC.

Thus a bathtub with a simple design with a smooth rim, non-skid surface, of the correct size, easy to clean and provided with temperature indicators and drain plugs are the best bet.


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