Some Fun iPhone Apps For Your Newborn

Now with the iPhone becoming an integral part of so many lives, many applications for newborns and their parents have also been created that can help to make the iPhone experience even more enjoyable and useful for parents.

They can be of help to parents who want to keep baby happy and occupied and they are useful for parents to use as a baby monitor or to track baby’s progress and routines:

Baby’s Animal Show: This application features 60 animal flashcards that are backed by animal sounds. Even infants can use this app since it has full screen tap for easy navigation.

You just have to open the app for your baby (even those younger than a year), and you will see the baby tap on the screen and enjoy watching and listening.

Baby monitor and Alarm: This app can help you turn your iPhone into a baby monitor, when and wherever your baby falls asleep.

It requires you to feed in your home number or any other number you wish and then put the phone next to your baby. When the baby wakes and cries, the iphone calls you up.

Memory Kids: This app has a number of different games that can help train the brain.

Kidtivities: This one has as many as 40 different activity ideas and can be of use for toddlers ranging from 2 years to kids of six or so. Indoor as well as outdoor activities are available depending on what you feel like. Shaking the phone will offer a random new activity to enjoy.

Mom Maps: If you want to know which restaurant is kid friendly, or if you want to know which is the closed park or playground; or if you want to take in some culture with museums and the like, this app may be useful. As of now it is available for the San Fran bay area.

Preschool Adventure: Fun learning is what all parents desire for their little ones; a process of learning that teaches without seeming to.

The baby is entertained, engaged and learning all at the same time: 6 different learning activities include numbers, colors, body parts, shapes, sounds and matching. Think of all the little board books you can avoid buying when you have this app!

Many more mom and dad iPhone apps are available for your new born here at the Apple store which you can choose from according to age and requirement.


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