Paying Attention To The Ergonomics Of A Baby Stroller

baby strollerErgonomics is not something that you think of when buying a baby stroller; chances are you are more focused on how good looking it is and whether the price of it is right.

However, there are ergonomic factors to take into account when buying a baby stroller:

  • The seat should be well padded for the comfort of the baby and for safety so that accidental movement does not hurt or jar the baby. This is of particular concern when it is a jogging stroller that you buy; the sort that is built to go along with you on a jog.
  • If the seat pads are removable this is a great feature. This means that you can clean them, perhaps even wash them, so that the handle with the dirt and the germs that will invariably proliferate with sticky toddler hands and the munchies that baby will invariably strew around the stroller will be removed.
  • A foot rest is a good feature to look for. This makes for a more comfy and restful ride.
  • Secure seating of course is a must, not only because it prevents baby from accidentally falling out, but also because it will restrain the more adventurous child.


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