New Baby Device for Parental Peace of Mind

A new and high tech baby monitoring system could well give new parents the kind of peace of mind they are looking for.

This futuristic infant babygro product could help detect when baby needs a nappy change and can even gauge baby’s mood!

What the new babygro can do

A onesie or a coverall that little babies wear (also known as a babygro) is a very convenient item of new born clothing and very popular with new parents. However now it could be more than just an item of clothing.

unique monitoring system built into the babygro can detect vital signs of baby and can send email messages to parents, say developers.

New-Baby-DeviceIf a nappy is leaking or if a baby needs a diaper change, this can be reported to parents because the device can detect moisture on the baby’s skin.

Any change in the breathing patterns will also be detected and reported. The baby’s heart rate and temperature are also monitored by this all in one suit.

A special thread is woven into the fabric used for the babygro. This thread senses electrical signals on the skin which is why wetness causes the signals to grow stronger. Even changes in baby’s mood may be detected: is baby happy or upset? All of this is relayed to parents via a text message or email.

While this can sound rather futuristic and the product is still only in its development stage, a baby monitor can help parents to a great extent.

What to look for in a baby monitor

When buying a baby monitor look for one that has adequate range. If the nursery is on a higher floor and you could be downstairs doing chores, the baby monitor range will need to be fairly good. Also consider if the monitor will let to go out into the yard and still work.

Look for no interference technology that will prevent the monitor picking up signals from cell phones, devices in a neighbor’s home and so on. Also look for easy portability; some baby monitors can be quite bulky whereas others are quite small. Consider whether you want multiple transmitters or receivers in your baby monitor.

Consider whether you want only sound or video as well in the baby monitor. Some baby monitors also come with movement sensors. However experts warn against this feature because it can give parents a false sense of security.


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