Most Popular Organic Baby Products

Organic products are fast becoming the choice of parents worldwide. Due to the increasing incidence of skin and internal health issues among infants, parents are opting for more natural products and organic produce. Here are 10 of the most popular organic baby products:

1. Honest Laundry Detergent

Honest Laundry Detergent

Babies clothing requires care while washing. The normal laundry detergents contain synthetic chemicals which can harm the baby. So here is an organic detergent especially for infant clothing. Honest is a brand that has neutral pH and renders the clothes safe for baby after wash. At the same time it is very effective in removing stains and dirt. Further it is eco-friendly too.

2. WeeGo Glass Baby Bottles

WeeGo Glass Baby Bottles

Glass feeding bottles are making a comeback due to the harmful effects of polymer and plastic ones. The WeeGo glass baby bottles come with a silicone-free sleeve which helps retain grip on the bottle while feeding. It also prevents the bottle from breaking. What is more, the entire set, bottle and the sleeve can go into the dishwasher.

3. Sophie the Giraffe

Sophie the Giraffe

Teething toys are a must for a growing baby. Unlike others, Sophie the Giraffe is a toy that is made from natural rubber extracted from organically grown Hevea tree. Apart from helping relieve teething troubles, it also stimulates the baby with it color and sound.

4. Sprout Baby Food

Sprout Baby Food

Sprout is a line of organic foods for babies that contains organically grown veggies and herbs. All the ingredients are baked or roasted before cooking. The products in this line are of high quality and packaged in re-sealable BPA-free bags.

5. SwaddleMe Organic Swaddle

SwaddleMe Organic Swaddle

Newborns and swaddling go hand in hand. Previously, a swaddle was to be made by the parent using a piece of cloth. But now there are pre-fabricated and ready to use swaddles that come with padding and straps. SwaddleMe organic swaddle uses the best organic cotton available and uses natural dyes in the manufacturing process to ensure 100% safety to the little one.

6. Ergo Backpack Carrier

Ergo Backpack Carrier

Not only is the Ergo backpack carrier versatile, it is also a great organic gear for your little one. It can carry kids weighing up to 45 pounds and is an ideal travel companion. Made from 100% organic cotton, the baby can relax without the bother of irritating velcro and elastic. It also has a sleeping hood that protects the baby from the elements and supports the head during a nap.

7. California Baby shampoo & body wash

California Baby shampoo & body wash

Parents are increasingly reading and researching about baby care products and their chemicals. And the more they dig, worse are the revelations. California Baby products are a range of baby care which makes shampoos and body washes with organic ingredients and natural processes. The products avoid all synthetic chemicals and pesticides in their ingredients.

8. Organic Cotton Crib Mattress

Organic Cotton Crib Mattress

Babies and sleep are synonymous. It is well known that during the first year of their life they spend most of their time sleeping. So isn’t it important to make their sleeping place free from chemicals? Naturepedic has come out with a complete organic mattress that is firm, waterproff and uses USDA certified organic cotton. It has no wool or latex and outer cover is non-toxic and stain resistant too. It also keeps mites and bedbugs away.

9. Organic Crib Sheets

Organic Crib Sheets

Aden & Anais has come out with crib sheets in the organic range. When you have decided to go all organic, why should you leave out the sheets? With this philosophy in mind, Aden & Anais, a leader in organic bedding products has introduced a wide range of sheets, swaddling blankets and sleeping blankets to its line. Made from 100% organic cotton and natural dyes these sheets make a big difference to the way your child grows.

10. Experience Diaper Package

Experience Diaper Package

Grovia has introduced a new line of eco-friendly and repeated use cloth diapers for babies. These cloth diapers are made from super absorbent organic cotton that are covered in microfleece. They have snaps that fit perfectly and put the diaper in place to prevent leaks. Changing a new soaker pad into the diaper is the way to treat soiled nappies.


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