Most Popular Baby Products 2013

1. Bumbo Baby Seat

Bumbo Baby Seat

Ideal for the child who is ready to sit all by herself, the Bumbo baby seat is designed for best hold. The unique design of the seat keeps the baby inside without the need for any straps or belts. It is made of soft yet firm jelly polymer with zero maintenance.

2. Newborn Rock n Play Sleeper

Newborn Rock n Play Sleeper

The Fisher-Price Rock n Play Sleeper is an excellent find for those who are looking at baby products with multitasking abilities. Apart from helping rock the baby to sleep; this sleeper can also act as an entertainment unit while awake. It is a comfortable and secure recliner with a 3-point restraint. It is convenient, light weight and ultra portable.

3. Mosaic Stroller

Mosaic Stroller

The Graco Mosaic Stroller is a very light weight and compact stroller for urban can anavigate very easily and can be tossed without much fuss into the back of the car. The reclining seats are an add-on that enhances the comfort and keeps the baby cozy.

4. SpaceSaver Bounce

SpaceSaver Bounce

The latest in the bouncer category is the Spin Froggy from Fisher-Price. It helps the baby with balancing and improving coordination and learns the cause-effect relationship easily. The bouncer comes with 3 levels of height adjustment that grows as with the child. Being vertical, the bouncer is an ideal product for small spaces.

5. Shopping Cart Cover

Shopping Cart Cover

Floppy Seat is a handy high chair cover that doubles up as a shopping cart chair as well. The stylish product provides cover on all the sides of the shopping cart. It can be secured through the elastic liner that covers the top of the cart. It also has space for a bottle and a toy. It transforms into an easy bag when not in use.

6. Dipe N Go

Dipe N Go

This is a great add-on to your car when travelling with your baby, especially all alone. The DipeNGo changing mat is ideal for changing the baby diapers anytime. It is machine washable and stores wipes, extra diapers and other baby utilities. It fits into the back of any SUV or hatch back. Just stick it to the back of the last seat and use when required.

7. Takealong Tunes

Takealong Tunes

This musical toy is a great way to introduce your baby to the world of classical western music. The toy comes preloaded with Baby Einstein tunes. As the music plays, the display screen has light dazzling across the screen as an entertainment factor.

8. Itzbeen Baby Care Timer

Itzbeen Baby Care Timer

This timer has the ability to set multiple reminders and alarms that help parents keep up with the baby’s schedule. The timer helps track feeding, sleeping, medication and changing schedules with separate entries for each reminder.

9. Pack n Play Playard

Pack n Play Playard

This play pen for kids can last for a long time from the babies early days up to the toddler stage. The good thing about Playard is that it can be folded and transported easily so it can become a great travel companion. The design is also very good considering that the primary colors have been used to stimulate the baby’s senses.

10. Ocean Wonders Jumperoo

Ocean Wonders Jumperoo

The jumperoo is like a mini trampoline meant for babies. It is equipped with lights, music and a 360- degree view along with many features to enhance your baby’s gross motor skills and stimulate sensory centers in the brain.


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