Some 101 of Gumdrop Pacifiers

For new and uninitiated parents, it may be difficult to understand what a gumdrop pacifier is; and how, if at all it is different from other kinds of pacifiers. These pacifiers are different from standard pacifiers in the following ways-

  1. Gumdrop PacifierThese pacifiers are designed to match the contours of a baby’s face without obstructing the nose – there is a cut away curve that settles below the nose.
  2. Some parents find that the gumdrop is lighter and therefore more appropriate for baby’s use than the usual soothie pacifier.
  3. Some babies, particularly new born babies may not have a strong enough sucking instinct to keep in conventional pacifiers, however they may be able to keep the lighter gumdrop in place without letting it fall out.

  4. The nipple of the gumdrop is textured to feel like the human nipple so that it feels natural to the baby and nipple confusion can be avoided.
  5. The baby continues to root as before, even if he or she is used to taking a pacifier.

  6. Since gumdrop pacifier is soft and flexible with a silicon covered surface, it is suitable for the sideways lying baby as well since there is no hard plastic base to cause discomfort.
  7. These pacifiers come in vanilla scent or a natural unscented type. The natural unscented type is thought to be able to absorb the mother’s scent so that it is more appealing, familiar and soothing for the baby.
  8. The usual hard handle that most pacifiers come equipped with, is missing in the gumdrop, but there are two holes on either side of the mouth into which a leash or similar device can be attached.
  9. Some parents find that the smooth contoured design of this kind of pacifier suits their babies, who refuse to use any other kind of pacifier.
  10. There are a number of bright and appealing colors that these kinds of pacifiers can be found in, and these tend to appeal to babies visually as well.
  11. The pacifier is available in different sizes, so that when a small baby outgrows the small size he or she can graduate to the bigger size.
  12. Most hospitals now offer this kind of pacifier for the use of new born babies.

Is the gumdrop pacifier safe?

This pacifier is designed to be safe and un-obstructive for baby’s use. The shape is specifically designed to prevent any obstruction of the nose or breathing. It is flexible and soft so that there is no chance of baby getting hurt by the pacifier or baby’s sensitive skin getting irritated by it. All required safety tests have been performed and safety regulations are met by this product.

It this pacifier habit-forming?

Pacifiers can be habit forming whether it is a gumdrop pacifier or any other kind and most babies seem to break away from their habit when they are good and ready; perhaps with a little help from parents. The gum drop is no more or less habit forming than any other kind.


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