Comfortable And Safe Highchairs For Your Growing Babies!

Svan Highchair in Mahogany

If your kid is 6 months old or above 6 months, svan chair suits best to your kid. This fully adjustable Svan highchair is specially designed for every stage of your little one’s childhood.

It also complements as a home decor in your kid’s room or living room in your house. It is mainly featured with 3-point safety harness that allows your kid’s upper body to move freely with full safety.

It also has an adjustable seat height and footrest to support your child’s legs. You can clean it easily. You can also have a comfortable cushion along with this chair as an option.

svan highchair

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Combi Hero Highchair In Chili

Combi hero high chair is absolutely perfect for your growing baby. You can include food [Baby food], fun and other functions for your kid on this wonderful high chair. This high chair features removable and most convenient dishwasher and a safe tray with a slide out cup holder.

The removable booster seat features 3 different height levels. According to your child’s height and your comfort level, you can easily adjust this combi high chair.

combi hero highchair in chili

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