Childproofing Your Home Office

Child proofing or baby proofing your home is primarily for the safety of your baby but it can also help to prevent damage and accidents being caused to your home appliances (think fridge left open for hours and the spoilage that can result, for instance).

cabinet safety slideThis is particularly important for those stay at home parents who work from home.

Typically you are likely to have lying around at least some equipment which you would rather did not get tampered with – whether you have a separate room to call your office or whether you have created a space for it in one of other rooms.

Here are some ideas for childproofing your home office:

Outlet Plugs help keep busy, prying little fingers from going where they shouldn’t be – into open electrical sockets. When you’re not using an electrical outlet, use these easy to install plugs to protect your child.

A child safety latch will help you keep documents, CDs and computer peripherals secure. Any harmful items can also be stored there so baby cannot get his little fingers on them. The push down catch is self locking and easy for adults to use but difficult for little fingers.

Also to protect important items and keep them as well as anything dangerous out of baby’s reach, you may also consider these cabinet safety slides. These will prevent little fingers from prying open cabinet doors and drawers.

A PC tower protector will ensure that naughty little fingers don’t go switching off the computer and losing your valuable data and work.

Take care of your baby’s head from the sharp table corners with table edge bumpers.

When you’re working you don’t want to have to worry that the baby will get into the bathroom and into trouble – that is where this toilet seat lid lock may come in handy.

Your work time may often coincide with baby’s TV viewing time; in which case baby will be watching some TV unsupervised. To protect your LCD, LED or plasma TV from scratches, finger prints (which may have just been dipped in some cereal) and to help deflect thrown toys and remote controls, you may want to consider this TV Screen Protector.

This is a useful product for a parent to keep tabs on their baby – a Child Locator – to alert you when your baby goes out of the 25 foot range. Will help you concentrate on your work as baby does his or her own explorations!

A power bar protector for the various wires and cables that go in and out your computer can help to keep your computer cables from getting tangled and in order and also prevent access to babies.


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