5 Chemical Free Soaps for a Newborn Baby

Do you have a newborn in your home? If yes, you might be looking for baby soaps and probably confused about which one to pick. Well, if this is the situation, then you are at the right place.

Choosing soap for your newborn is not similar to choosing soap for yourself, one need to be very precautious. An infant’s skin is very sensitive and needs special care. Though you can clean your baby using plain water, using a chemical free soap for the same will be much useful. These days there are various soaps available in the market but not all of them are ideal. Read this post to know about 5 best chemical free soaps for your newborn.

5 Chemical Free Soaps for a Newborn Baby

1. Chamomile and Calendula soap by Badger:

This is one of the best soaps available for a baby’s soft skin. This is a non-irritating, nourishing soap and contains fragrance of essential oils. As the soap contains calendula and chamomile oil, it helps in keeping your baby relaxed and calm. The Shea butter and coconut oil present in the soap will keep the baby’s skin soft and moisturized.

2. Dr Bronner’s mild baby soap:

If you prefer soaps containing no fragrance, this soap is best for you. This soap is also ideal for babies having skin allergies. The soap is made up of natural ingredients which will calm the baby’s skin like no other soaps available.

3. Johnson’s Baby bar:

When we are speaking about baby soaps, Johnson’s baby bar is one such product which cannot be missed. It is one of the oldest and most popular soaps available.  It very gently cleans the baby’s skin leaving it soft, smooth and supple. The soap does not contain any harmful coloring agent or chemicals, which makes it ideal for babies. And how can we forget about the pleasing scent of Johnson’s product?

4. Dove body bar:

This soap may not be solely made for babies, however, can be used by newborns. This is a very mild cleansing product and is very gentle as well. Dove contains no such ingredients, which may cause skin irritation; however, it may cause mild irritation for some. The soap contains 1/4 moisturizing cream and is paraben free.

5. Himalaya Herbals Nourishing Baby soap:

Himalaya, as we know is a pure herbal brand. While looking for chemical free soaps we often opt for herbal options and this is one of the affordable herbal soaps for babies. This soap additionally helps in reducing any irritation and inflammation on the baby’s skin. It will also keep your baby’s skin protected from various bacteria and is ideal for use during monsoons.

So these are the top 5 chemical free soaps available which are safe for babies. Most of these soaps are there in the market for more than decades now and parents have been purchasing them time and again. Now, that you know about these soaps, we hope you can choose the one you like.


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