Baby Registry Checklist for your Kid

A baby registry has evolved as a popular service offered by most of the stores where you cautiously enlist the things that you are planning to buy for the baby – This list can have anything that is on your mind and the main purpose is not to go for a wrong buy or buying repeated things.

In fact, you can even inform your friends and relatives about this registry so that they do not bring on the same things that are already on the list for the baby. However, the thought of baby registry can be very stressful to the expecting parents. Not only it is a huge responsibility, you also need to remember a long list of items that you would need for the purpose. And since the list is long, one can always make mistakes. But if you get your basics right, you cannot possibly go wrong. Here is a checklist for you to keep you stress free and ready for your kid’s registry.

baby registry checklist for your kid

Things you Need for your Baby’s Registry:

First and foremost, you will need to build a nursery and then follow the list to stock it up. What exactly do you need in the nursery? Check out below:

Baby Clothes

These are the first thing that your baby will need. So make a list of the clothes you need to buy. Remember these are the basic clothes, and you can change the numbers according to your needs and preferences. You will need about 4-8 undershirts or vests, and similar number of pajamas. A few socks, since shoes won’t be necessary until your baby starts walking and one or two hats. You can also add a few dresses for the baby if you want.

Cribs or Cradles

Next in importance are the cribs or cradles for your baby. Make sure this does not have a sharp corner because that can hurt your baby and the top rails should be at least 26 inches high. You will need some crib sheets and mattresses to put inside the crib for the baby. You will also need 2 to 4 soft pillows for your baby.

Other Furniture

You will need a changing table or cushioned changing pad with safety straps or railings.


A lot of things come under this category, and since some of them are really small items you tend to miss out on them. But this will probably be helpful for you. First, you will need diapers for the baby, cotton wipes, not scented, and diaper disposing boxes. Moreover you will need soft wash clothes, baby soaps, baby burps, among other things. Do not forget to buy 10-12 bottles and nipples for your baby and if you are not breast feeding you will also need formula. Breast pumps are essential too, and so are milk storage bags. Among other things you will also need blunt scissors, or baby nail clippers. You might consider having petroleum jelly and sterile gauze but baby thermometer is a must.

These are the bare essentials you must get yourself before you are ready to register your baby.


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