Baby Bouncer for Calming Fussy Babies

Baby bouncer is a helpful item to add in the baby’s nursery. It not only soothes a fussy baby, but also gives you a break.

As bouncers are lightweight and occupy less space, they can be easily movable from one room to another and also easy to carry while traveling.

Baby BouncerYou can find two types of bouncers. One is framed bouncer that has flexible frames, and rocks back and forth.

Second is battery operated bouncer that rocks your baby continuously independent of your baby’s motion.

What to look for when buying a baby bouncer?

  • The bouncer that you choose should have a soft three point-safety belt. One fits around the baby’s waist and the other in between the legs.
  • Bouncer should have wide base and should not tilt over.
  • The bouncer should have safe padding that keeps your baby comfortable.
  • Buy a bouncer that is lightweight and easy to move from room-to-room.
  • The bouncer should have adjustable speed that makes you to adjust the right speed that the baby enjoys.
  • If you want to use the bouncer outdoors, buy a bouncer with canopy that protects from sun and wind.
  • Choose a baby bouncer that has toy bar to keep toys.

Safety tips while using the baby bouncer:

  • Always use the safety restraint belt when the baby is in the bouncer.
  • Don’t keep your baby unattended when he/she is in the bouncer.
  • Check age and weight limits before placing your baby in the bouncer.
  • If the bouncer seat has canopy, use it when outdoors.


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