Angry Moms Lash Out At P & G’s New Dry Max Diapers

A few months ago a mom from Belleville, Ontario started a blog accusing Procter & Gamble’s new dry max diaper to cause skin rashes and chemical burns. Sara Ann Fobear, started a blog on her facebook where she wrote:

“RECALL PAMPERS DRY MAX DIAPERS!” “U think when you buy the best diapers…Pampers…that your baby is safe and you only want what is best for them…then find out it’s the diapers that have been causing your baby so much agony,”

dry max diapersFobear commented this after her eight month old daughter started to have rashes and redness that appeared like burns after using pampers dry max diapers.

This caught the attention of more moms who suffered the same experience, placing P & G on the defensive, claiming there are no toxic ingredients to the product and that studies have shown no evidence that the diapers caused rashes or chemical burns.

The dispute between P & G has led the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to conduct its own investigation on the matter.

Two lawsuits were also filed last May 11th and 12th in Ohio against P & G Cincinnati by a group of moms who had personal untoward experiences with the diaper.

The complaint stated that P & G should have known that pampers dry max diapers could cause severe rashes, blisters, and chemical burns & infections.

After news about this came out P & G shares fell by 27 cents on the New York Stock Exchange and has locked the company in the media and web war zone.

Whether there is truth or not to these mother’s claims it will do you good if you take extra precaution in using whatever brand of disposable diapers.

The truth is, there are several factors causing diaper rash. They could be anywhere from a very sensitive skin, over exposure to urine and feces, allergic reaction to chemicals from diaper wipes, soaps or diapers.

You should also note that babies are more prone to rashes when they are already on solid foods or are suffering from diarrhea or any other forms of infection.

Do not lose heart though, as there are simple home remedies you can do to deal with the problem of rashes:

  • Use cloth diapers during daytime and the most absorbent disposable diaper at night time (use unscented diapers only).
  • Add a diaper liner when using disposable diapers.
  • Apply over the counter ointments like zinc oxide and petroleum jelly at the first sign of redness.
  • Never use cornstarch or powder as these also causes irritation.
  • Leave your baby without diapers for some time during the day so their skin will have time to dry completely.
  • Use lukewarm water and mild soap for washing, use wet wipes only when unavoidable.

If after exhausting everything you know, the rashes keep coming back, there may be more problems to deal with so it is best to seek your doctor’s advice at the earliest.


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