Adorable Outfits And Accessories For Baby Boys

Boys are rough on their clothes as they play hard. So, when you consider a boy’s clothing you should think about durability and stain resistance.

Apart from this, little boys grow quickly, so you have to consider the growth of your baby, while shopping for clothes and other accessories.

However, it is not difficult to find the right clothes for your baby boy. Like girls, baby boys have many options when it comes to clothes and accessories.

Little Giraffe Luxe Hooded Jacket

If you are looking for unique baby clothing, this luxe hooded jacket will be a better option. The cozy hood, furry ears and satin lining of the jacket give extra comfort for your baby. Also, satin doesn’t cause any harm to your baby’s smooth and sensitive skin.

Other than cream, you can go for pink or blue, depending on their sex. Particularly useful for your baby in fall.
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EIEIO Horse Booties

These adorable leather horse booties will give comfort and style for your baby’s feet. While selecting booties for your little man, it is very essential for you to check the size.

For better look you can pair it with matching shirt, pant and a nice hat that completes the look of a cowboy. Otherwise, you can pair it with matching cow design tee and pant. [ via ]


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