A Special Story Book For Your Little One

It is mother (or father or whoever the primary care give is) whose face is the dearest one in the world for that precious little bundle of a newborn baby. Also it is the voice of this special person that is most beloved in the world. So what better story book for your baby than one that literally speaks in your own voice!

bright and beautiful a childs blessingThe Hallmark “All The Ways I Love You” Recordable Book is one such product that allows a mother or grandmother or any one really to record in their own voice, a story for a child.

Once recorded, it can be played and replayed and can become a cherished item for your little baby now as well as later.

The Hallmark Recordable Storybook: Bright & Beautiful a Child’s Blessing (Hardcover) is another such item that lets you record a blessing for your little one in your own voice.

The contents of the book speak about all that is good in nature; the trees and the mountains, the birds and the stars, and it is all for the child to listen to in a well known and beloved voice when even required.

You simply press a button and read the book aloud. You can redo the exercise to get a result you are satisfied with and then you can ‘lock the recording’.


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