Pointers to Remember While Selecting a Baby Bottle

Selecting the right baby bottle for your bundle of joy is very essential as that will ensure a safe and fulfilling feed; the child is too small to speak out his/her inconveniences; thus it is the duty of the parents to buy the right feeding items.  You have scores of preferences to decide from as the market is loaded with various designs, sizes and different features. The bottles are also made in different materials, and nipples; you have to consider a number of factors before choosing the right one for your baby.

pointers to remember while selecting a baby bottle

Tips for Selecting The Right Baby Bottle 

Material of the Bottle

Plastic bottles leach harmful chemicals like BPA into the baby’s milk and hence are very harmful. Glass on the other hand does not carry the risk of leaching but even these bottles have drawbacks. They are heavier than plastic bottles and are susceptible to chip or break. The best option for you is to buy stainless steel bottles as they are lighter than glass, no risk of leaching chemicals and are not fracturable.


They are available in various materials, shapes and flow rates. Choosing the right kind of nipple is very important.

  • Nipple material – Silicon is the popular choice .Latex is softer but it deteriorates faster, cannot withstand heat of dishwashers and could be allergic for some babies. So the best choice is silicon.
  • Flow rate – The rate of flow from the nipple is also very important. The baby should not get frustrated or chocked. If unsure, choose the slow to medium flow rates. For breastfed babies, slow rate is preferred
  • Shape – It comes in three forms- orthodontic, which is good for baby’s teeth, traditional/bell shaped, which is good for breastfed babies and flat-topped resembles a breast and is the in thing now. The bell shaped is the popular one.

Easy to use

A bottle with a simple design, durable material, long lasting, leakage proof, easy to carry, assemble, handle, clean and above all comfortable for the baby, should be purchased.


Some bottles are designed to diminish excess air intake by the baby and reduces colic pain.


A leakage proof bottle is the ideal choice as it is easy to handle and carry during transportation. A bottle with more pieces is prone to leakage and not preferred.


A bottle with a simple design and less parts is easy to clean compared with complicated designed ones. A set of bottle and nipple brushes should be purchased as they help in cleaning valves and nipples efficiently and quickly.

Finally , you can see that a bottle with a simple design, leakage proof, easy to handle, assemble, carry, and clean, preferably of stainless steel  and more comfortable for the baby is the best pick. Consider the above options carefully and make a smart and wise choice.


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