A Guide on How to Buy Clothes for Newborns

So if you’re reading this article, congratulations on your baby! Shopping for your baby can be tough, as you never know what might irritate your baby’s soft skin. Remember shopping for your baby is more about comfort than style. Here are a few things to keep in mind–

How to Buy Clothes for Newborns

What Size Should you Buy?

Babies grow out of their clothes very quickly due to their increasing growth rates. Buying clothes for a baby before it is born is hard as you don’t know how big your baby will be. Start with the 0-3months section but remember your baby will outgrow these clothes in no time.

What Kind of Clothes Should you Buy?

The ideal type of baby clothes would be comfortable and simple. They should be easy to take off, since you will have to change your baby’s diaper several times in a day not only that, your baby is bound to get its clothes dirty very soon. Buy a lot of one piece outfits. These outfits are practical as they are comfortable to dress a baby in while it’s napping or playing. If you know your baby’s sex you can start buying at the respective boy or girl’s section. However for parents who do not want to find out about the baby’s sex beforehand they can invest in unisex clothing.

List of Basic Clothes you Should buy your Baby

  • One pieces
  • Shirts or Tshirts that have a wide neck.
  • Pajamas or comfortable nightwear.
  • A jacket or a sweater in case it gets cold.
  • Boots and socks.

 What Not to Buy?

Do not buy tight elastic clothes that make it difficult for your baby to move around or breathe. Clothes with no room in the neck should be avoided. Check the material of the clothes you are buying. Make sure the fabric is easy on your skin. Cotton is comfortable during summers. Avoid scratchy fabric like silk.

Polyester or cotton blends are less expensive and don’t shrink as much during the first wash. Do not buy clothes that might have small attached things which might end up in your baby’s mouth as these could be a possible choking hazard. Clothes with sequins, or easily removable buttons should be avoided. Check for the inner seam, make sure its even and doesn’t inconvenience your baby.

Make sure to keep in mind your baby’s comfort to avoid scratches and rashes on your baby’s skin. Shop for the season and do not shop too far ahead as your baby tends to grow unpredictably.

Photo Credit By: stylingbaby.com


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