6 Problems in Keeping Unique and Rare Baby Names

Well when it comes to picking up a name for your baby, everyone wants to come up with a unique and rare name which doesn’t become too common and is different from the rest. While this is a smart idea but keeping unique baby names comes with a number of problems of its own. So before you make the decision of keeping a unique baby name for your child, you must consider the following given problems that you may face.

problems in keeping unique and rare baby names

1. It is Difficult to Explain the Name to Almost Everyone

One of the main problems which both you and your child will face is the difficulty to explain the name to people. Unique names are harder to register in the mind of others and you may really have to stress upon the spellings to be able to make it clear to others.

2. People make their Own Versions of the Name

Another problem in keeping unique or rare baby names is that people tend to make their own versions of the name and may totally twist its spellings, pronunciation and even the meaning.

3. The Name is Often Misspelled in Official Documents and Emails

It is common for unique names to be wrongly spelled out in official documents and emails. This is nothing short of a nightmare since it takes a long procedure to get it corrected in documents and could create problems when the spelling is wrong in visas, passports and driving licenses etc.

4. Everyone Keeps Asking the Story Behind the Name

Another problem which people with unique names face all the time is that people around are always curious to know the story behind the name and are intrigued to understand its meaning. This may seem interesting for the first few years but will turn into a boring session for the rest of the life.

5. People will ask you Often Whether it is you who has Misspelled the Name

Another common issue which people with unique names face is that they are often asked whether they themselves have misspelled the name. It becomes hard to explain that the spellings are infact right.

6. People are Unable to Find you on Social Networking Sites

People with unique names are difficult to find on social networking sites and this may again prove to be a problem in this world where social networking has become so popular.


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