Top 7 Banned Baby Names Around the World

Naming your baby is perhaps the most beautiful and fun thing in the world. You get to decide the identity of a person with which he or she is destined to be called throughout lifetime that is a lot of responsibility and just cannot be done carelessly.

The task gets tougher when you come across a pretty awesome name, but it cannot be used as it is one of those banned names in your country. Here we give you a list to make the work easier so that you know the banned names across the world and avoid them altogether.

banned baby names around the world

1. Akuma

In Japan, it literally translates into “Demon”. Now, in a country with so much belief in their religion and structure, it is no doubt, naming your child, even if just for fun sake, Akuma is absolutely illegal.

2. Osama Bin Laden

In a matter of seconds taking after the incident of 9/11, a Turkish couple living in Cologne, Germany, felt motivated to name their baby after Osama Bin Laden. German authorities shot down the name, referring to the segment of their naming rules that expresses that all names “must not be liable to prompt embarrassment.”

3. Robocop

Authorities from Sonora, Mexico, as of late assembled a list of banned child names taken straight from the state’s infant registries. While citizens are no more permitted to give this name to their youngsters, there’s no less than one child out there named Robocop.

4. Harriet

On the off chance that Icelandic folks need to give their youngsters a name that isn’t recorded in their National Register of Persons, they can pay an expense and apply for government endorsement. The letters in Harriet cannot be translated to Icelandic, so the name seizes to exist in Iceland.

5. Linda

In 2014, Saudi Arabia discharged its own particular list of banned infant names. A few of them, as “Linda,” guaranteed spots because of their relationship with Western society.

6. Nirvana

Portugal has an incredible 80 pages committed to posting which names are legitimate and which are most certainly not. Nirvana is among the more than 2000 names that are incorporated into the banned area.

7. Sarah

While naming their kids, Moroccan folks must look over a list of satisfactory names that legitimately adjust to “Moroccan character.” Sarah with a “H” is banned in light of the fact that it’s thought to be the Hebrew spelling, however the Arabic “Sara” is impeccably fine.

This list is among the millions more name that are banned across the globe. So while naming your child, do cross check them with your rule book.


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