Baby Names and Numerology – What’s the Connection?

There is the understanding among a lot of traditional cultures that baby names should be picked with care because names can have very significant impact on an individual’s life, their way of thinking, personality as well as their fortunes throughout life.

What is Numerology?

Numerology consists of a complex of systems, traditions and beliefs that believe in the existence of a mystical relationship between the different numbers in our lives and our destinies and personalities. Numerology is closely associated with astrology and ancient traditions such as Chinese and Indian numerology have a large worldwide following.

Baby-Names-and-NumerologyHow is numerology connected to baby names?

There is the belief, particularly among more traditional cultures that naming a baby correctly and also choosing the right spelling for that name, can impact their quality of life.

The belief is that an incorrect name can cause bad luck, struggle and strife in the life of a person.

For instance the traditional Jewish Kabala (Kabbalah) sect followers believe that the one’s name can determine the mental direction and the destiny of the life of a person.

Not only is it believed that names influence destiny and thinking in individuals, it is also believed that by changing one’s name it is possible to change one’s thinking pattern.

A case in point, say believers of Kabala, is a married woman changing her name and subsequently experiencing changes in thinking, health and destiny. You can read more about the naming philosophies, name suggestions and naming philosophies of the Kabalrians at this website.

Other belief systems also believe that a baby name, if based on and compatible with the names of both parents, can mean a more harmonious and loving family life in future. This relationship between a baby’s name, the middle and family names and suggestions for making it compatible with the names of the parents is explained along with a numerological spread sheet at

Should you pick a baby name based on numerology?

The naming of a baby is a fascinating process to be sure, and many traditional societies wouldn’t dream of picking baby name without extensive consultations with astrologers and numerology charts.

Whether modern parents believe in numbers and names somehow affecting destinies or not; or even the concept of reincarnation that is often woven into the understanding of astrology and numerology, these concepts may be interesting to consider and learn more about. Also parents who are looking to name their babies may find some useful and interesting suggestions for names at websites that speak of names in astrological or numerological terms.


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