3 Basic Sources Of Baby Boy Names

Having a baby is one of the most exciting events that can happen to a couple. Getting married is one thing, but to bring forth life is one another altogether. If the child born is a boy, parents have all these baby boy names to choose from all sources available.

Choosing the right name for your baby boy may seem, at times, a bit confusing considering the possibilities available to parents.

There are hundreds of different possible baby boy names to pick from ordinary names, unique names, and other special names that could best suit your baby boy.

For the parents of a newly born son, perhaps a good start in finding a good name would be to prepare themselves before the mother gives birth.

Deciding beforehand would minimize having to name their son just any random name on the top of their head.

Usually, parents start listing down names the minute they find out they will be having a baby boy.

Considering the fact that having to choose baby boy names, it does not have to be an obstacle at all.

There are certain sources to get names; the trick there is to segregate those actual names in different groups. Here are some of the basic groups parents can get their baby boy names from:

Common names from their family

Families that come from a more traditional background usually follow and get baby boy names from people in their immediate family. For example, if the fathers name is Anthony and the grandfathers’ name is Anthony, most probably the baby would also be given the same name as well.

Perhaps it is also possible that this tradition could be skipped a generation or two, depending on the behavior of the family itself.

Religious figures and names

For parents who are more inclined to their religion, perhaps naming their baby boy after their patron saint would not be a bad idea. Usually naming the boy after patron saints would depend on the day they were born as well.

There are saints and religious figures that correspond to certain days within the year that the boy is born on. Parents may also choose from a variety of baby boy names from names of angels which also have corresponding symbolisms and strengths.

Random names

Parents could also opt to choose from a different variety of baby boy names taken from different sources such as children’s name books and other lists. Most books have a list of different names along with their corresponding meanings and symbols; very interesting.

There are also cases where baby boy names are taken from certain movie films or play characters. Other names may also be taken from names of certain seasons of the year.

Parents do not need to think too far just to look for the right baby boy names for their child. By simply logging on to the internet, parents may find a lot of resources to help them minimize and narrow down long lists of confusing names. Although all names would be just right for the baby boy, making sure is still on top priority.


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