Tips for Selecting Baby Gifts for Unknown Gender

Buying a gift for a new born baby can be little troublesome at times, especially if you don’t know the gender of the baby. Yet it is absolutely a nice feeling to get a gift for an infant as most of the new born stuff look amazing, so you can’t really go wrong while picking a baby gift. Nowadays the market is loaded with gender neutral, fabulously designed and modern coloured unknown gender baby items to choose from.


Given below are few baby gift ideas for unknown gender:baby gifts for unknown gender

Gift Certificate

Since the baby’s gender is unknown, it is a good idea to opt for a gift certificate instead of clothes or toys. Moreover, this can save the new parents from the trouble of getting duplicate gifts and wasting time on exchanging them.

Baby Blanket

A blanket is something essential for a baby, boy or girl and you can choose a neutral colour blanket with wonderful motifs for the new born. Stay away from typical pink or blue colour while choosing and opt for a breathable baby-friendly blanket.

A Colourful Play Mat

A nice colourful play mat is one of the necessary things for a new born baby and today these mats come with a lot of attachments like tethers, dangling toys, soft quilt and wind chime for the tiny tots to have fun. Opt for a mat that is machine washable and easily foldable so that it will be easy for the parents to use.

Baby Bath Tub

A baby bath tub is another gender neutral baby gift which is extremely useful for the infant and parents. Here also you can skip the classic pink and blue and opt for some bright happy colours with some designs. Remember to check the safety options of the tub before the purchase.

Infant Car Seat

This is another neutral and useful gift for infants which can be used for at least two years. You can opt for an economic infant car seat after ensuring the safety measures properly maintained in it.

Baby Bjorn

This baby carrier is a classic and timeless gift for infants across genders and is extremely useful for the new parents. You have to check the attachments and straps thoroughly to ensure the safety of the carrier.

Baby Diaper Bag

A modern diaper bag with insulated pockets for infant food and feeding bottles and diverse other spots for keeping various stuff like phone, keys and wallet is another fabulous gift option.

Although a gift certificate or a deposit for the baby sounds practical, it is more joyful to give a material gift for a baby as you can feel and choose item with affection.


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