Know the Major Difference Between Pram and Strollers

When it comes to choosing and buying a ride for babies, most of us are often faced with the big dilemma of choosing between a pram and a stroller. Both these carriages allow parents or guardians to bring along their babies with them when they are going out without having to carry them themselves.

These carriages prove very useful for taking babies around when going for a walk, to the mall and other places. But it is important to know the differences between the two before you put down your money on one of them. The following is a comparison between pram and strollers.

difference between pram and strollers


Pram, which is also known as a baby carriage is a ride for the baby with a soft flat bottom which enables you to put your infant to sleep in a lying position while you walk them around with you. Prams have a wide canopy which usually covers half the carriage to protect the baby from sunlight, dust or from anything falling over him/her.  Prams usually have wheels so that pushing them around can be made easy.


Stroller is a push chair or buggy which is designed to act like a chair where the baby or child can sit. The seats of strollers have restraint systems consisting of safety belt, harness and crotch strap which secure the baby in the sitting position. Strollers too have hoods or canopies for protection and also consist of wheels for easy transporting.

Which to Choose

The choice between prams and strollers basically depends upon personal choice and need. Prams are more ideal for babies under the age of 1 year since they spend a great deal of time sleeping. On the other hand, strollers are ideal for toddlers over 1 year of age since they can only be used in a sitting position.

Strollers are much lighter and smaller in space taken than prams. Thus if you are considering taking the ride in your car, then strollers prove to be better options and can easily be folded to be carried around. Prams however offer the luxury of providing both a sitting and lying down position which makes them multi-purpose.

Pram carriages are high up the ground whereas strollers ride low to the ground.  You must always consider the child’s comfort before making your choice between prams and strollers and buy one which proves more useful.

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