Five Best DIY Baby Gifting Ideas for The Little Special Bundle of Joy

If you are trying to come up with unique babies gifting ideas you can always do it yourself by making handmade gift items. Today there are ample of unique ideas and innovative collections of homemade gifts and this not only makes your gift different from others but also save some money from your pocket. So if you are looking out for clever and affordable ranges of gifting ideas for babies then you better skip the store, and go for one of these DIY gift ideas:

DIY Baby Gifting Ideas

1. Snugly Rattles

If you have some really vibrant and soft pairs of socks that is not in use for long, then make some rattling toys with them at home itself! Buy a handful of bells, some nice looking satin ribbons, sparkles that can be glued and some more embellishments of your choice. Wash the socks well and make a combination that is striking; take the bells and put them inside the socks uniformly and stitch the mouth of the socks well. Then tie the satin ribbons in perfect combination to make them look like round gift packs that make rattling sounds.

2. Boutique Style Hair Bows and Corkscrew Ribbon

You can go for numerous styles, step-by-step follow the directions and can make up an adorable boutique-style hair bow for your little girl. The possible designs are endless. Corkscrew ribbon bows are very popular in various designer children’s boutique stores. You can cut them in exact sizes, decorate them and thus make them great kid’s gift ideas. Also few tutorials to teach you how to make these are available online for your help.

3. Play Mat

Buy some pieces of cloth with baby prints or vibrant colours, some contrasting satin ribbons and other embellishments. Join these pieces of cloth in perfect geometric shape of your choice. You can make it in circle, square or rectangle and place the different pieces of cloth (with different contrasted prints) in adjacent sides and sew them up skilfully. Now frill the satin ribbons and make them the borders of the mat. This can be used as the play mat and also as a changing platform while you are travelling with the baby.

4. A Bathtub Gift Basket

Children love to play with water and you can make a bath time bag for the baby. Buy a vibrant coloured cloth to make the bag; and a contrasted piece of cloth to make the separate pockets with zip. In one pocket, put in soap, shampoo, bath bubbles; while in the next pocket add bath crayons, bathtub toys, tablets that colour the water or make it fizzy.

You can make one more pocket saying it to be beach time fun and add towel, sunglasses, swim shoes, flip flops, sunscreen, goggles, sand toys, and a swimsuit to make it a complete package. Embroider the name of the baby on this bag and make hanging arrangements with ribbons on both sides.

5. Handmade Clothes, Towels Accessories

You can most often go for handmade towels and clothes for the baby. Also hand knitted jumpers and sweaters, monkey shaped socks, owl puff hats etc are all creative choices. You can any time go for these as they are easy to make and highly affordable as well.

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