Storage Furniture Hacks for Kid’s Rooms

Maintaining a kid’s room is a very hectic task because kids always tend to create a mess. The moment when you clear your child’s room, it is again messed up within a minute. If you have a smaller house, it is even more difficult to effectively store your child’s stuff. Hence, below given are some furniture ideas which can help you effectively creating storage for your kid’s room without making it look messy.

  • Make drawers under the bed. You can ask your carpenter to make drawers of different sizes under your kid’s beds so that the space can be utilized effectively. In addition, your kids would not get scared about monsters being there under their beds. The drawers can be of different sizes so that different things like sports gear, books, stationary, toys and shoes can be stored.
  • Make the bookshelves concealed in the wall so that they can be stored effectively. The shelves would not protrude outside the wall dimensions which would save the storage space effectively.
  • Make the bed above the wardrobe. Give it a look like a bunk-bed and create steps or ladders for your kid to climb over the wardrobe and get to his or her bed so that no separate space is needed for the bed. Make sure that it is not too small or too high for your child. Construct the wardrobe of a large width so that the bed can effectively be constructed over it.
  • Keep the same space for dressing table as well as study table. Do not waste space for having two separate tables. Just make an extra drawer on the study table so that the stuff required for dressing can be stored with the study table itself.
  • Make small wooden drawers on the walls. Make these drawers so that you can store your kid’s toys and stationary in these drawers. You can also make bigger drawers in order to store clothes of your children.
  • If you have more than one kid, you can make a bunk-bed for them and have the area behind the climbing ladders converted into small shelves and drawers to store toys and books. All the books can be arranged behind the ladder converted to shelves.
  • Make a shoe stand under the bed. You can have a shoe stand under the study table as well so that no extra space is used and storage can effectively be done.


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