Guide on Types of Paint to Use on Baby Furniture

Every parent wants nothing but the best for his/ her baby. Babies are quite sensitive and more prone to allergies and diseases as compared to adults. It is thus essential to choose all the baby products very cautiously. What is also essential is to keep the babies in a safe and sound environment.

Baby Furniture


For this you must ensure that you use the right kind of paint on your baby’s furniture. Yes! You need to understand that you cannot go and get your baby’s furniture painted with just any kind of paint as some of these may have an adverse impact on your baby’s health. Now, in case you are perplexed as to which paint would be best suited for your baby’s furniture then read on to find out about the same.

Here are the types of paints that may be used on baby furniture:

Natural Plant Based Paints

This type of paint is the safest to use if you are planning to paint your baby’s furniture. Such paints are obtained from plants, soy and natural oils. They contain these natural ingredients and are thus harmless.

There is not even a slight tinge of chemical used in this kind of paint and it is thus a preferred choice when it comes to painting baby furniture. Most people get the baby cribs painted with this non-toxic paint.

Milk Paint

This is another popular choice when it comes to painting baby furniture. Prepared with food grade ingredients, these paints are also devoid of any kind of harmful chemicals.  Milk paints thus do not cause any sort of allergy to the babies and can be safely used to paint their furniture.

This paint is especially used for painting baby cribs. The paint is available in a wide variety of colours. You may choose a colour to match the ambience of your baby’s room.

VOC Free

Paints that are free of chemicals come with a label that reads, VOC free. You must thus check the paint cans or boxes for this label to be sure that the paint you are picking is actually safe for your baby’s furniture. At times, the dealers may suggest you to buy a paint that has low VOC however it is always better to go for those with zero VOC.

These eco-friendly, safe paints are available from various brands and come in a wide variety of colours. The range may also vary to a certain extent based on the brand.


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