Drop side Crib Recall Causes Alarm Among Parents

New parents or seasoned moms and dads, when it comes to safety of kids, there can be no compromises. So the recent recall of drop side cribs is bound to cause consternation.  As many as three recalls of baby cribs have recently been in the news.

crib recallFirst it was 300 recalled drop-sided cribs from Rosebud. Then in early February, Safetycraft recalled their drop sided cribs.

And now Ikea has announced a recall of some twenty thousand cribs because of the faulty bolts that are used to keep the crib mattress in place – if the crib is not properly assembled, it can cave in and potentially suffocate a child.

Additionally there is the apprehension of the baby’s head getting stuck in the bars causing strangulation or that of the baby falling out of the lowered side of the crib.

According to reports, as many as 10 million such cribs have been recalled in recent years, and this has now led to the once popular crib design being banned.

From this June onwards, the sale of cribs with the typical up and down mechanism of one side will be banned. So perhaps the option of using that old hand me down that has been in the family for decades and generations is not that good an idea after all.


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