Monitoring Physical Stages of Infant Development

In case you are thinking about the physical stages of infant development you should know that when the babies are born they aren’t able to control the majority of their movements.

Another thing to consider is that the babies don’t develop with the same speed. Nonetheless they have to get past through the same milestones.

0-3 months

infantDuring this time the babies can do only little movement. They can only move their hands and their arms and they can also move their head from one side to the other. This is about all that they can do. They don’t have major control over their bodies until they reach the 2 months milestone.

It is good to know about the stages of physical development in infants that the babies start reaching for things when they are three months old. When they manage to grab something, for sure they will take it to their mouths. At three months the babies have some strength of lifting their head and their bodies with the help of their arms.

4-7 months

The most interesting thing about the physical stages of infant development is that during this time the ‘rollover’ takes place. This is the time when the little one will be able to roll from his tummy to his back. Also the babies prop themselves to all fours and they try crawling.

Some of the babies at this stage of physical infant movement will be able to crawl while others won’t be able to do this until they are of 7-8 months old. The babies at this stage can already sit up on their own and they want to hold their own bottles.

8-12 months

When it comes to this one of the physical stages of infant development you should expect to see the baby develop at the fastest pace. If the baby is given a small piece of food, he or she can already feed himself or herself. He or she can also grab or pinch things and crawling is already natural for them.

Some of the babies at this evolution stage of infant physical development already try to walk. The babies usually like to stand up while they are holding on to someone. Normally at this stage babies can stand straight for a few seconds but then they fall back down.

The physical stages of infant development are more than interesting and it helps to know all the facts about it.


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