Knowing and Tackling Einstein Syndrome

Thomas Sowell coined this phrase “Einstein syndrome” to describe exceptionally intelligent people experiencing a delay in speaking. Dedicated to the great physicist, Albert Einstein, whose speech was also delayed till five years of age, this syndrome is often categorised with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) and they genuinely are very intelligent children with a high level of concentration in either music, memory, math or science.

These children are not linguistically challenged but exceptionally gifted. It happens because some areas of their brain develop so fast that the portion controlling language mastery does not develop as per normal standards of expectation.

knowing and tackling einstein syndrome

The Symptoms of Einstein Syndrome

Social Recluse

They show inadequate social behaviour and like to keep to themselves though displaying a high level of analytical and reasoning ability.

Exceptionally Gifted Parents

Children born of parents who are exceptionally gifted (engineers, musicians and economists) have a higher tendency to have this syndrome.

Higher Level of Skill in Other Disciplines

Though there is a speech delay for such children they have exceptional talent in some other field like dexterity, walking, running or some fine motor skills. Their intelligence is far sharper than their peers and they can solve puzzles and words at an earlier age comparatively.

Speech Delays

It is a profound case in most children with this syndrome; most of them speak only a word or two by the age of three and can construct a proper sentence by the age of four.

Sharp Memory

These children have very sharp memory skills and are extremely bright. They exhibit superb mastery over computer or an instrument way ahead of their peers.

Difference in Gender

It has been widely researched that boys are more vulnerable and susceptible to getting this disorder.

Misdiagnosis can be a Disaster for Einstein Syndrome Children

A parent of such a child needs to be attuned all the time to his symptoms and seek expertise professional help as soon as possible. Most of the time a differential diagnosis takes place like autism or ADD.  Since they are all neurological disorders, correct diagnosis is very important.

Impact of Late Talking

Since most children with Einstein syndrome do not talk properly before they are four or five years they face a lot of social stigma and ridicule which affect their social behaviour. So the distress faced by them is not majorly due to late talking but being unfavourably compared to other children.


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