5 Simple Activities and Techniques to Improve A Child’s Concentration

Right from the very beginning, it is important to engage your child in those activities which can help him build his concentration and focus better. There are some children who may experience lack of focus and attentiveness and this may hinder their learning process and effect their school or academic performance. In such a scenario, it becomes even more important to follow ways to improve concentration. The following are 5 simple activities and techniques to improve a child’s concentration:

techniques to improve a child’s concentrationThe Coin Game

This is the first and most effective way to improve a child’s concentration. This is a fast paced game which can improve memory and attentiveness. To play this, you will need a pile of assorted coins, a cardboard to cover them and a stopwatch. Now pick 5 coins from the pile and arrange them in a sequence.

Now ask your child to look carefully at the 5 coins and then cover them with the cardboard. Start the stopwatch and now ask the child to make the same pattern again. Stop the stopwatch and note the time. With time, increase the difficulty level and see how the child performs with increased level of toughness.


Using simple relaxation techniques like breathing exercises can also help your child improve concentration and focus. Ask the child to focus on breathing for a few minutes every day.

Mind-Body Integration

Another method which can help a child improve his/her concentration is by using the mind-body integration technique. To do this, ask the child to sit on a chair without making any movement. Repeated practice of this can prove very effective.

Picture Puzzles and Cross Word Puzzles

Ask your child to attempt picture and crossword puzzles every once in a while. These can actually improve memory and concentration in the long term. These puzzles can also improve sequencing ability.

Memory and Concentration Games

There are many games which are especially created and designed to improve memory function and concentration among children. These are not only quick and fun but are also meant to exercise and challenge the brain circuits of your child. If your child has access to computer, then you can choose such games from the internet as well.

At each achievement or success, motivate the child and encourage him for his efforts. This will infuse a sense of confidence in the child and will inspire him to try harder each time.

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