Vintage Baby Clothing

vintage clothMany parents look to get beautiful vintage clothing [Baby Clothing] reminiscent of a bygone era for occasions such as christenings or other important or significant occasions in the family.

But even otherwise, vintage clothing has an old fashioned charm and allure that modern clothing cannot hope to evoke, so that many parents hope to look for reliable sources for obtaining vintage clothing for their babies.

This site offers authentic vintage and antique garments, claiming no reproductions, for any kind of occasion. So if you were looking for one of those extra long Victorian type dresses for your little ones christening or other special occasion, you may just find it here!

All garments are described fully with measurements along with several close-up photos as well as full pictures.

Even items like rompers etc will be available as are vintage shoes with beautiful trimmings such as lace and cloth ties.

In addition, this site also offers cleaning and restoration services for any antique clothes that one may have which have been handed down from an older generation.

These will often be discolored, lined, crumpled and we are promised full restoration and repair of these garments using old fashioned hand washing using the gentlest of products.


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