The Joy of Handmade Baby Clothes and Where to Get Them

Because a lot of parents want their child to look really distinctive or because the love the idea of lovingly crafted handmade baby clothes for their baby rather than mass produced clothing, baby clothing made by hand has become a popular option.

Why handmade baby clothes can be a good choice

handmade-baby-clothesYou do end up paying a significant amount more for handmade clothes; because of the fact that it is labor intensive to produce them and also because of the exclusivity factor. However there is a definite uniqueness about these clothes; a parent can rest assured that there aren’t a hundred other babies out there sporting the exact same designs.

It is possible to have handmade clothespersonalized as well – appliqués, monograms, embroidering the child’s name and even the birth date and so is possible.

You can also be reasonably sure that handmade baby clothes are ethically made and that some children in a third world sweat shop were not deprived of their childhood to produce them.

Handmade clothes are often crafted from good quality, natural fabrics so that parents can be sure that they are friendly for baby’s delicate skin as well.

Also they can look truly quaint and have a traditional old world charm about them – which is often missing in factory made, mass produced products. They can have hand embroidery, could have little bits of hand-painted motifs, be fitted with lace, ruffles and so on; which make babies look like babies are supposed to – cute, adorable, and quite simply beautiful.

And it isn’t just clothes that can be handmade – nappy bags, school bags, receiving blankets, swaddling sheets and flannels, napkins or hankies and so on can also be handmade or hand stitched. Other handmade things like hand knitted sweaters, booties, and socks are also a wonderful option for baby.

Where you can find handmade baby clothes

The best place to find this kind of baby clothing is in the family. Ask grandmothers, uncles, aunts and cousins who are likely to have these little treasures stowed away. Many families treasure baby clothes for their sentimental value as well as their intrinsic value as antiques or vintage clothing and you could ask around to see who was likely to have stowed away baby clothes safely for others in the family.

You should ideally ask if they want those clothes returned or if they are yours to keep, since mothers do tend to have sentimental attachments to certain pieces and would like to see their grandchildren wear what their children did.

Online as well, you can find some great resources for obtaining this kind of baby clothing. Handmade baby clothes is a website that offers links to various different clothing stores that offer handmade and other kinds of clothes for sale. They have links to website of individuals who themselves create baby clothing, such as mother and daughter teams and other small establishments.

Clothes, blankets, jackets, sweaters, hats, booties, blankets, bags and more; you will likely find what you need in one of these websites.


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