8 Wrong Ways of Massaging a Baby

Regular massage is very necessary for every being, infant as well as for a grown-up person. However, massaging technique needed for an infant is very different to that of an adult. In this post, we are sharing 8 massage mistakes that you must avoid while giving massage to a baby.

1. Massaging right after a meal:

Massaging your baby right after feeding him/her makes no sense as it will have opposite reactions. When you massage your baby after feeding, it will result in indigestion and vomiting. The best thing to do is to give your baby a rest of at least 30-45 minutes before massaging after a meal.

2. Very gentle strokes

There is a misconception that gentle rubdown does not include any pressure whereas this is completely wrong. According to many types of research, babies do not prefer light strokes, it makes them feel ticklish. Whereas gentle yet firm strokes are always welcoming.

8 Wrong Ways of Massaging a Baby

3. Massaging during fever:

There is hardly any person who likes being disturbed during cold or fever. The same thing happens with a baby as well. Giving a massage to a baby who is sick will only make him or her cry.

4. Learning from YouTube videos:

On YouTube, you will find enormous amount of how to videos about giving massage to a baby, however, these videos are not something you should completely rely on while giving your baby a massage. The best way to learn baby massaging is by a certified infant massage instructor.

5. You are distracted while giving your baby a massage:

These days distraction is one of the common issues which are noticed in most multitasking parents. While you are giving your baby a massage make sure that you are not concentrating on anything else but solely on the massage. According to experts, a massage must be given in a quiet place free from any distraction.

6. Overdose of essential oils

It is a bad idea to use essential oils for your baby, especially if he/she is under 6 months of age. Essential oils are a big no-no because according to some studies they are dangerous for a baby’s nervous system. Any strong fragrance makes the baby’s ability to recognize her parent’s scent go wrong.

7. Holding your baby while massaging:

If you are giving your baby an oil massage, holding him or her with your hands is not a good idea. Oil is slippery and you holding your baby in your hands while massaging may thus result in an accident. We advise you to place your baby on a towel or mat before giving the massage.

8. Sudden stop in regular massaging when your baby turns four months old

There are many parents who all of a sudden stop massaging their babies when they turn four months old. Whereas there are no such rules. Massages can be continued for as long as you want. However, it is true as the baby grows giving massage becomes a tough task, to get rid of it you can include interactive songs and rhymes while giving a massage.

Therefore these are some of the tips that must be kept in mind while giving massage to your baby.


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