What Is A Diaper Service And Why Would You Consider Using One?

baby diaperA lot of parents are assailed by guilt at the thought of contributing to the landfills by virtue of the number of soiled diapers that a baby generates; however the convenience of disposable diapers is undeniable and caring for baby difficult to imagine without them.

However a greener alternative for parents is a diaper service that can help support a family’s green lifestyle. Diaper services also claim to be more cost effective than disposables, as does this diaper service website.

Then again many parents fear the kind of substances that are used to make disposable diapers, and have the apprehension that they may be toxic to a baby’s sensitive skin.

Also cotton cloth diapers are said to ‘breathe’ better than the disposables with their plastic lining. This diaper service website claims that 2 days worth of diapers can be laundered in water equivalent to one toilet flush, whereas disposables have a far heavier environmental impact.

For this reason diaper services offer parents the option to use cloth diapers with diaper covers, which can even be home delivered if one is within the delivery radius.

So diaper services are a viable option for many parents who may want to look for a viable solution to disposable diapers, with their perceived negative points.


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