5 Overlooked Ways to Baby Proof a New Apartment

My daughter has been crawling like a mad woman for the last couple of months, and the time is soon approaching when she’ll be walking faster than I can keep up. Since we’re moving to a new apartment, I figured it would be a good time to research how to baby proof from scratch. I want to share what I found in an effort to make sure your apartment home is as safe as possible.

baby proof new apartment

Putting up Gates (with cats at home)

I had trouble figuring out what to do about baby gates because of my cats. I wanted to keep my daughter out of the cat litter, but I didn’t want to follow my cats around and open the gate or hope they could jump over it. I found a great gate that has a pet door for an apartment with babies and cats.

Get on Their Level

The best way to make sure you’ve thought of everything is to think like a baby. Get on your hands and knees and crawl around the house checking for loose chords, change, and other choking hazards within reach. You’ll need to consolidate and hide any wires they can get ahold of.  Check underneath tables and couches, too.

Lock It Up

There are many options for adding locks that won’t damage your new apartment, and if it’s open, it likely needs a lock.  This includes toilets (a leading cause of baby drowning), kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and anywhere hazards can be accessed.

Making it Stable

You may not think about it if you’re a first-time parent, but a baby will use anything to pull themselves up. This includes tables, desks, shelves, TVs, and more. While you can’t bolt many items to the wall of a modern apartment, you can make sure that your items aren’t too top-heavy which would cause small jolts to knock them over.

Use Lidless Toy Chests

If you have a toy chest with a lid, your child may climb inside and drop the lid on themselves. If they’re injured by the lid, they may be stuck inside and panic until you come to the rescue.


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